Bright Ideas Fund

The Bright Ideas Fund is now open!

Are you a community with a bright idea for a business that could transform your local area?

The Bright Ideas Fund supports new community business ideas through the start-up and planning stages with tailored business support, to the implementation stage with grants of up to £15,000.

Find out what a community business is.

The Bright Ideas Fund is funded by Power to Change, the independent trust supporting community businesses in England, and delivered by Locality, the national network for community organisations.

The Bright Ideas Fund closes on Tuesday 31 July.

How to apply for funding

1. Read the guidance notes

Please read the guidance notes thoroughly before applying. They will help you to decide whether you are eligible for the community business idea you have in mind and whether the Power to Change Community Business Bright Ideas programme is right for you.

The guidance notes include information about the types of community businesses that Bright Ideas is designed to support, as well as the criteria that will be used to assess applications.

The guidance also includes the application form questions along with information that will help you to complete the application form.

Download the guidance notes here.

2. Complete the eligibility checker

You must complete the eligibility checker in order to apply for the Bright Ideas Fund. The checker will determine whether you are eligible to apply for the funding.

The eligibility checker will be removed at 5pm on Monday 30 July 2018.

Check your eligibility here.

3. Fill in the application form

If you have successfully completed the eligibility checker, you will receive an email that includes a link to the application form.

Your link will be accessible until the funding window closes at 5pm on 31 July 2018.

You can see what questions the application form will include by going to page 16 of the guidance notes.

View the application questions in the guidance notes here.

For more information visit