Hayley Stanton – Quiet Connections


Support Organisation: The Engine Room & SSE Cornwall


After growing up feeling shy, anxious and depressed Hayley set up Quiet Connections after a suicide attempt left her with inadequate mental health aftercare. Hayley slowly began to grow her confidence through connecting with others who could relate to her story and learning that she wasn’t alone or defective.  Connecting, coaching and supporting others who are feeling shy, socially anxious or not enough, allowing them to grow quiet confidence so they can live a happier life the way they want.


  • Coaching and confidence boosting
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Recognize skills and support team needs



The successes that clients have had are Quiet Connections best achievements. Seeing someone go from not leaving the house on their own to going to a cafe in town and ordering a drink for themselves. It’s knowing that someone has been able to access the additional support they need because Quiet Connections were there to listen and build their trust first.

Large organisations now approach Quiet Connections, recognising their own clients need for support with requests to work together.

“For me, the most valuable part of the Engine Room program me has been sharing my journey with others. Their support and encouragement has kept me going and having someone to work through plans and celebrate with me when things go well has been fantastic. I’m so grateful to be part of this community.”

Hayley Stanton, Founder of Quiet Connections

Principal contact for Hayley Stanton, Founder of Quiet Connections:

Instagram – instagram.com/quietconnections

Twitter – @QuietConnection

Website – quietconnections.co.uk