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    Chair of the Board of Trustees

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    Health & Social Care

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What are your social aims?

We started a shop in Aylmer Square so that when we generate sufficient surplus, we will be able to start a community for Cornish homeless. Companions will sign off on benefits, agree not to use alcohol and drugs and agree to work as volunteers for 40 hours a week in the community shop. The revenue produced by the shop will be sufficient to ensure that the community needs no further funding or financial assistance. We are part of a nationwide charity with 24 operating UK communities and half a dozen emerging communities and part of a worldwide organisation, whose aim is to address the needs of homelessness.

Products and services

We accept once loved items donated to the shop, refurbish them and sell them. Most of these items are clothing for men women adn children as well as a wide range of 'bric-a-brac'.